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Social Impact Expo: Top 10


Need help navigating the non-profit and mission-driven organizations attending the Social Impact Expo? One of our student bloggers has assembled a list of ten organizations you don’t want to miss! Open to ALL Harvard University students, the Social Impact Expo is co-sponsored by OCS and HGSE. Explore the (growing) list of organizations.


Art Resource Collaborative for Kids
Boston, Massachusetts
What it is: An organization that collaborates with the Boston Public Schools to provide art classes in support of the schools’ daily efforts of quality visual art programs, with special attention to deep learning and literacy.
Fun fact: Founder Sarah Mraish Demeter, who came to America from Jordan 20 years ago, began this mission after her son started kindergarten at a school that had no art teacher.


Environment America
Washington, D.C.
What it is: A federation of state-based, citizen-funded environmental advocacy organizations.
Fun fact: Recently, Environment America helped fend off nearly 40 Congressional attacks on the Clean Water Act.


Axiom Learning
Cambridge, Massachusetts
What it is: An after-school learning center focused on multiple intelligence and achieving kids’ potential for excellence through interdisciplinary 1-on-1 tutoring.
Fun fact: Axiom prides itself on its teaching staff: Fewer than 1 in 200 applicants are hired. All hail from top universities, have great personalities, and are completely dedicated to the success of their students.


Boston Debate League
Boston, Massachusetts
What it is: A program supports academic debate teams in local high schools and trains BPS teachers to use debate as a regular part of their classroom practice. 
Fun fact: BDL is about to begin massive expansion and hopes to transform the academic structure of the entire district. 


Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia
Washington, D.C.
What it is: The Public Defender Service provides and promotes legal representation to adults and children facing loss of liberty who could not afford counsel otherwise.
Fun fact: PDS provides representation for up to 60% of people who are financially unable to obtain representation; cases include criminal, juvenile delinquency, parole, drug court, and more.


Boston Plan for Excellence
Boston, Massachusetts
What it is: A program that wants to improve Boston Public Schools, in hopes that every student can succeed. Its three-part strategy is to prepare and support highly effective teachers, ensure broad student success in partner schools, and create break-the-mold new schools.
Fun fact: BPE reaches 10% of Boston Public Schools students, helping to dramatically accelerate their progress. They are also creating new, replicable models for other school systems to imitate.


Tenacity, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
What it is: A nonprofit that aims to improve the scholastic, character and physical development of urban youth by combining tennis instruction and academic support with a focus on life skills.
Fun fact: 95% of Tenacity alumni graduate from high school, while the estimated Boston high school dropout rate is 30%.


College Advising Corps-Boston
Headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (various locations)
What it is: A non-profit that works to increase the rates of college enrollment and completion among low-income, first-generation college and underrepresented high school students.
Fun fact: Founded in 2005, College Advising Corps has served over 189,000 students.


New York, New York
What it is: A program devoted to improving the lives of young people from underserved communities in New York City through innovative, technology-based approaches to youth mentoring and education.
Fun fact: Since 1999, iMentor has connected 11,000 students with mentors through their partnerships with public high schools in New York City and nonprofits nationwide.


WGBH Educational Foundation
Boston, Massachusetts
What it is: WGBH is the single largest producer of PBS content, and while it’s a local organization, its TV and radio programming reaches an international audience. 
Fun fact: WGBH’s accolades include Emmys, Peabodys, and even two Academy Awards!


OCS invites you to network with non-profit and mission-driven organizations that span a range of fields — including government and education. Find a job or career that will make a positive social impact at all levels, and become an agent for change at the Social Impact Expo, open to all Harvard University students. In anticipation of the big day, we’ve highlighted ten organizations you don’t want to miss!

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Social Impact Expo: Non-Profit and Mission-Driven Employers


With summer – and Commencement – rapidly approaching, the hunt is on for engaging jobs and opportunities. Like you, Harvard students continue to seek socially conscious alternatives.

If you find yourself in this situation, you don’t want to miss the Harvard Social Impact Expo this Thursday afternoon! Come network with non-profit and mission-driven organizations working in a range of fields, from government to education and beyond.

As usual, remember to update your job documents and refresh your “elevator pitch.” Know who’s attending the Expo and dress to impress. Still not interested? Some friendly faces want to see you there! Cosponsors include the Harvard FAS Office of Career Services, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the Harvard Divinity School.


(in no particular order)

  • Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    What is it:
    The statewide department charged with education policy and enforcement.
    Fun fact:
    Massachusetts recently clocked in at No. 1 in a ranking of the nation’s most educated states.

  • Abt Associates, Inc.
    What is it:
    Global company providing public policy and business research and consulting.
    Fun fact:
    Founded in Cambridge, MA, with the intent of using interdisciplinary social science research to solve social, economic, and technological problems.

  • Plan International USA
    What is it:
    International charity dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty for children.
    Fun fact:
    Began in 1937 as “Foster Parents Plan for Children in Spain” to provide services to children affected by the Spanish Civil War.

  • Atlantic Global Aid
    What is it:
    Maine nonprofit focused on improving the health of urban and rural Africans by providing medicines, supplies, and qualified medical personnel.
    Fun fact:
    A returning champion to the Expo and a frequent sponsor of local community events such as this youth basketball tournament.

  • City Year
    What it is: Education-focused nonprofit that puts qualified mentors in low-income schools and organizations to work with high-risk youth.
    Fun fact: Corps members wear fashionable red jackets and Timberland boots!

  • Scholastic, Inc.
    What it is:
    A global book publishing company and the largest distributor of children’s books.
    Fun fact: Maintains the exclusive rights to publishing both the Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series in the United States.

  • U.S. PIRG
    What is it:
    The national lobbying and grassroots arm of the State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), a federation of nonprofit organizations for collegiate civic engagement.
    Fun fact: The PIRG model was conceived by Ralph Nader and Donald Ross – one of his legal interns – in the 1971 book Action for a Change.

  • NFI Massachusetts, Inc.
    What it is: Nonprofit human services agency specializing in community-based care for children and adults with emotional and/or behavioral problems.
    Fun fact:
    Adopts a “normative community approach” to service in which communities participate in establishing norms of healthy living.

  • Facing History and Ourselves
    What it is: Provides educators with services and materials focused on combating racism and promoting tolerance.
    Fun fact: Founded by teacher Margot Stern Strom and former baseball player Bill Parsons.

—Nicandro Iannacci, ’13

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Harvard FAS students (College, GSAS, and HES) can submit a resume to participating employers and organizations via Crimson Careers. Simply log in to Crimson Careers, select the “jobs & internships” tab, and keyword search either “Social Impact” or job id # “36408”. The DEADLINE for resume submissions is Thursday, April 5 @ 11:59pm!